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Huckleberry and I have a cool announcement to make.

Huckleberry and I have a cool announcement to make.

We have our own Valentine cards exchange going on. ❤️

Tonight Huckleberry, Myka and I are going LIVE to show you our cute Valentine cards and talk about the incredible raffle happening this week.

A blanket is going home with one of you and it’s not just any blanket, it’s a Siberian Husky Coma Inducer blanket and the pictures and website links DO NOT do it justice. This blanket is way more amazing than it reads and I will show it to you LIVE tonight. It was donated by an employee of the coma Inducer maker. I knew I couldn’t win this blanket myself so I bought my own. 😍. You are going to want to die in this thing.

My friend Linda also sent us the absolute cutest husky charm Valentine lanyards and you are going to go nuts over them!

But first, let’s chat about these Valentine Cards! You can only get them by making a $25 donation ot the huskies.

Click our picture to get your cards.

Do it!! How else can you show your family and friends the ultimate love than by buying Valentine cards that actually save lives?

Only here at H3!! You in??

A $25 donation gets you 21 Valentine cards so you can show the love to everyone in your life.

These make GREAT school exchange cards so donate and get your kiddos school party supplies done at the same time!! Cards ship immediately!! ❤️❤️

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