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Tricks, treats, huskies, rescue. Any chance you can send us a bag of Halloween candy for the kids around here? We will see you there!

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Kathy Dees
Kathy Dees
06 oct 2023

Candy headed ur way from Amazon

Me gusta

I just ordered over 100 packs of individually wrapped cookies (2 per pack), 100 Halloween light up LED rings, 54 Rice Crispy treat bars, 6.5 pounds of individually wrapped candy and 8 pounds of individually wrapped chocolates. Amazon delivery will be on Monday. And Tuesday or Wednesday for the 8 pound box. Have fun!!!

Me gusta

Wish I could be there, but I live in Cleveland, OH. I will mail you a ton of candy for the trick or treaters tomorrow! Looks like so much fun!!! Maybe next year!!

Me gusta

Will be sending some from Costco, but not until Sunday so it has less chance of arriving as a puddle.

Me gusta
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