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Happy 1 year Rescue anniversary to our bonus chocolate nuggets

For those of you that don’t know I (Britney) was the sucker for the puppies, and they came back to Maryland with me to go to H3 Puppy Boot Camp - A Program of Husky Halfway House

A year ago, me and Jenni went on a rescue mission to save 12 huskies out of multiple different shelters. I kept telling her I’m going to try and avoid puppies and say no, but to my luck we didn’t see any puppies at the shelters we visited…. Until the very last one Victor Vally.

When walking around Victor Vally Shelter, I was at the last row of kennels and just as I was about to exit the building, is when these two cuties made as much noise as they could and ran to the fence to grab my attention. I heard them and immediately turned my head; I crouch down and couldn’t believe my eyes! Little chocolate nuggets. I love on them a bit, read the kennel card and venture back outside to meet Jenni. I look at her with the look & I’m pretty sure I scratched my head and said “so remember how we almost made it out of California with no puppies, wellllll they found us. Can we rescue them”?  

These two chocolate nuggets made for 19 California saves! We loaded them up and made our way back to the rescue in Oklahoma!

Both have since been adopted, Hershey is living his best life in Texas and Lacey is living her best life in New Hampshire!  

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So Cute!

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Precious chocolate nuggets so glad they both have loving homes ❤️❤️❤️❤️❣️

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