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I spent the money you donated last week on concrete.

When Bethany made that 10k donation I messaged the contractor right away, just last night the huskies lifted the gate on one of the yards and got out.

There are so many important reasons the concrete is so needed, their safety for starters, it keeps everything cleaner, people will be able to visit and walk safely around the property without stepping in a hole or mud, this means I can have more volunteer days and parties, (Hey hey Halloween) and the best part, they cannot dig out.

We are not quite done but this was all we could afford. (15k). We have much more to do.

WE NEED FAMILIES Please adopt. Adoption and transport fees are waived with monthly support. There are huskies at OKC that need me and so so many on euth lists in shelters everywhere.

I am allowed to have 200 dogs here and with the concrete going in it makes it easier to care for them, everything here needs to be set for these dogs to get the ultimate care while they wait for their homes. I so appreciate you helping me do this.

WE NEED DONATIONS and hey, it’s $5 Friday, a great day to give up a cup of coffee or wine for the huskies.

If you follow closely, you know we lost Hope yesterday, a husky I rescued a few years ago. Hope was emaciated, sunken eyes and on the brink of death. But she pulled through it and found her forever home, the home that would see her through her original health problems from the neglect, an amputation and two rounds of cancer. H3 covered that emergency vet bill yesterday as well as her private cremation. About 2k. While I don’t want to make any money on Hopes death, we do have to cover her vet bill.

So, if you can help, please make a tax-deductible donation to any of our digitals like PayPal and Venmo so we can keep building a safer place for these kiddos while they wait for their forevers.

We are 501c3, so your donations are tax deductible.

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