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Guessing Game!

FYI this is not AI.

Hey all, Jenni D here. I hope you all had an amazing day.

This is a page out of my next book that's about to be published on Amazon. The art was done by the incredible Cameo Anderson - Writer / Illustrator, who illustrated my first book, Mushing Halfway Home: An H3 Journey with PRS

I have a little challenge for you! All 3 of the huskies that Cameo drew are huskies available for adoption at H3!!

Can you tell me who they are?? I'll send a free copy to whomever gets it right first!!!

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So Cute!


Wow! I don't know them well yet! I just started seeing your posts so signed up to give monthly donations. But I think a problem has come up with PayPal? I hope it gets fixed! They are beautiful babies no doubts there!! I love what you do there!!💖🐺🌺


Beautiful Babies all of them! 💗💕💗💕❣️

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