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FOSTER NEEDED For 6 Year Old Husky/Malamute mix

Well, I did a thing I couldn’t afford and now while still asking for concrete funds, I need a little bit of help with a rescue. It’s hard reading those words and knowing he doesn’t have options.

This handsome 6ish year-old boy found himself on the chopping block for not only catching the shelters cold but for also having a nasty mass on his butt. Poor kid. He is alive though and doesn’t even know that thing is there.

I don't have space for him guys! I am taking him up to KEY Animal Hospital - Karl E. Yurko DVM to have it removed and just make sure it’s not cancer and then I need to find him a foster!!

Halp! Gas up to WV and back plus a vet bill and no space for this kid!?? I really need someone to step up and help! He is sweet! Gets along with other dogs as long as his leader is strong, otherwise he will want to be the boss. He needs help now! Can anyone foster? I can take him almost anywhere in the country but prefer east coast or somewhere along my route. As much as I want him at H3, I just don’t have space. Can anyone help? PayPal and venmo if you can help with gas. And www.huskyhalfwayhouse/adopt will lead you to my app or say something in the comments and we will reach out! and don’t forget! Donations are tax deductible.

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