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Feed the Noskies! DOG FOOD NEEDED



I want to talk about small town Oklahoma.

This is Benny the day he was rescued and yesterday. At the end of July, last year, I was escorted by the local authorities of this tiny town, to purchase this abused and neglected dog from his owner. That’s right. Tied to a tree for years, completely emaciated and well, you can see the condition of his fur as the mites and bugs have eaten it all over the years, so I handed the city manager $100 after convincing the owner to surrender him. SURRENDER HIM. Because the law allowed that poor dog to suffer for years. And what’s worse is there is another dog tied to that same tree right now.

This is not the only town in Oklahoma that’s like this. They do still shoot dogs in the back of police stations because of the lack of resources, education and access to care that the communities are suffering from.

Oklahoma is so far behind in animal rights its so so scary what these animals go through. Outdoor makeshift kennels with tarps for tops, no real intake procedures or anything to keep anyone safe. Just stick them in a crate while they wait for their 72 hours to be up and then it’s a black garbage bag. If they are lucky. Many times it’s just the areas dump.

You think I am kidding? I’m not.

I wish to God I could help, but it’s the kind of help that beyond me. It takes law changing and education to do something this big and while I would love to have the skills to help in a bigger way, I just don’t. My skills lie in my own rescue efforts and physically caring for dogs.

We can feed them though. At least we can do that. I can’t stop them from shooting them instead of loading them into a truck to be euthanized from a vet, I can’t stop the space they are living in while they wait for their stray hold to be up, tiny crates and dirty spaces and I cannot change the lack of education, lack of resources and access to vet care.

But we can help feed them and keep them clean. I know for a fact that the the tiny shelter in Bennys little town is down to HALF A BAG OF DOG FOOD. So, I am adding a wishlist link right here. Would you please start your Monday with buying a bag of Pedigree dog food for the shelter in Konawa, OKlahoma?

Please have the food sent here and next weekend we will make a huge delivery of food and supplies for the shelter. We have extra toys and things that they could use so I’ll make one big delivery at the end of the week.

Can you help us today? $25 will buy a bag of Pedigree and likely last them a day or two.

Please help. Items bought through this link are sent straight to H3. We will deliver all donation at the end of the week. Please help today.

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