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February Panda Express Fundraiser

February is a short month and there is so much going on that we wanted to make sure to give you time to pencil in the next Panda Express fundraiser! Last month we raised $569.63 with participants in TX, FL, NV, WA, SC, MD, IA, OH, GA, ID, OK, MI, CA, UT, MN, MO, OR, IL, IN, KS, VA, AL, CO, KY, NC, AZ, and TN.

You might be wondering about the theme of this month's flier; I decided to skip the traditional red and pink of Valentines Day decor and go with the red and yellow of Lunar New Year. You’ll also hear it being called the Spring Festival. It’s still cold and wintery, but the holiday (this year it falls on February 10th) marks the end of the coldest days of the year.

People welcome the spring and what it brings with it: planting and harvests, new beginnings and fresh starts. All of the huskies at H3 have their fresh starts with us.

So, this month when you go out to get your Panda on February 29th, just remember that the funds raised go to provide food and care for the halfway huskies while they are waiting on that special person to give them a new beginning.

This fundraiser is nationwide. All orders must be made online or through the app.

Please note that there will not be a March fundraiser.

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