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DONATION NEEDED and being double matched!!!

$5 turns into 15. 10k turns into 30k. It’s a massive help and we need it bad.

It was exactly a year ago when H3’s budget was still manageable with 100 dogs and just a couple of employees to run the facility.

In 2023 we vowed to build the facility up and gain the staff needed to properly care for them.

We brought the number to 250 huskies, expanded the facility with over 200k of construction, concrete, infrastructure and jumped into the hustle of sustainability.

2024 is here and NOW WE NEED A SPONSOR. A big donor. Sustainability is hard and will hinder the progress while we create income that doesn’t require begging for donations.

That’s the goal. To sustain ourselves asap.

WE NEED BIG HELP to get there. Someone out there can help. Someone out there has tax deductible funds just waiting to do good for this world.

H3 will rescue with that money and H3 will do it right. Someone out there can spare 10k that will turn into 30 THOUSAND DOLLARS. 🙏

Less than 10k of a 5Ok double match. Come on guys! Please! Bethany isn’t a millionaire and will be physically earning the money she is double matching. Literally reaching down into herself and pulling out life saving resources to save these dogs, resources that are not there unless she make it happen by working her job and giving it all to the huskies.

Just like I did.

Money is what makes this place run. I wish I could run it on rainbows and dreams and my rbf. I can’t. Neither can Bethany so the two of us are here together to ask you for your help!

WE KNOW YOU ARE OUT THERE. We know that you are there watching our work. Now is the time. Your donation is tax deductible and every dime will be visible. Every dime, just like I have done for the past 4 years.

Let’s do this. You in? Please spread the word. We are looking for someone to help us do all the things, big and little, someone on the same mission as we are. Someone who can help us literally save husky lives.

Be that someone. Save husky lives with us.

Big or small, we are in this together and without you role in it… this all goes away like it never existed, just like their precious lives.

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