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Don't forget that one of my supporters is getting a MUSTANG CONVERTIBLE for Christmas!!


It's a 2004 40th anniversary Mustang convertible and if you donate $50 today for my match, I'll give you a chance to own that car. I still need 7600 to reach my 10k matched goal.

I'll be announcing the new owner on Christmas Day. Since it's my birthday and we are scrolling through time, I wanted to tell you about my very first rescues.

This is Neiko and Sasha.

I had just filed my 501 and was ready to dive into rescue but since it wasn't processed yet I couldn't pull from any shelters or develop any partnerships with them, just yet, so I spent that first year having many arguments with networkers on FB cause I was still the new and dumb kid on the block.

Neiko and Sasha's story broke my heart. They lost their home after their owner passed away and the widow needed to leave CA and downsize her life. Since these two are seniors and in CA, I was told they would be euthanized right away if she surrendered them to their local shelter, so I worked with the family to arrange for us to pick them up. Alll the way in CA.

Neiko is currently living his bestest senior life in NJ with one of the most amazing families whom also adopted one of my husky girls. Sasha went into a home where she was spoiled with Starbucks pupcups and the best Mama ever till the day her mama held her in her arms as she took her last breath and crossed the rainbow bridge.

She is there now with my halfway huskies and bossing everyone around, I just know it!

Anyway, I wanted to tell you about my very first rescue less than 5 years ago and take you down memory lane with me as I purpose my birthday as a timeline of the dreams, goals and milestones. Check out the empty space in the background! Can you believe that was all bare land just a few short years ago. Now it houses 150 rescued huskies at a time in a custom built kennel made specifically for huskies.

I still need $7659 to reach my 10k matched goal. Please consider helping. My birthday donations are going to a poop management system and electrical work for the huskies. These needs are VITAL to the health and safety of the huskies and their home. Please help.

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