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Seriously, I want this car to go to someone that supports H3's lifesaving work, and not just someone dropping $50 to win a car. If you are here consistently helping me rescue huskies then I want you to have this, not some random person who couldn't care less about my work.

With that said. Pushing this out again!! I have less than 48 hours to earn about 6k to get the 15k match that Fred left the huskies when he crossed the rainbow bridge.

15k guys! That means 30! I can literally do most of the remodel on the clinic with this match. A vet clinic! A spay and neuter clinic and you get a chance to own that car!

Please consider donating at least $50 over the next 48 hours. Anyone that does is getting a shot at the car. I won't be offering more tokens to the car until giving Tuesday and then just a few more opportunities after that so get your chance in and help me save thousands of husky lives.

Please 🙏. We are desperate to make this happen and begging, well, that's become second nature. But so what. Literally saving husky lives.

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Nov 18, 2023

I donated 50 and do the 25 monthly, I wish I could do another 50. Didn't do it for the car I did it to just to help with the save lives!

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