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Check Out Phase 2

Well good morning my California cuties. I just love seeing your faces and eyes clear up from the shelter goop, I love to see your tails waging and when I wake up and look out the window, I really love it that you all are playing and romping around together. I am just so, so happy you are all alive. Everyone is in phase 2 quarantine now and doing great. No coughing, lots of solid poop and yay for discovering two of them are mommies.

I want to go back to CA so so bad and help them take their lives back.

So that’s what I am going to do. But I need funding this time. So, I am asking beforehand. I tagged two huskies from Apple Valley that would not be alive at this very moment if we hadn’t pulled them out. I am about to go get them and I wish I could take 100 more..

AND I would.

I would take them all if I had enough money to do so. You know I would. But for now, I’ll take the two and if I can raise any money to help me do so, maybe I can take a few more.

Want to help me? 50 hours of driving, hundreds and hundreds in gas, no sleep and smelling shelter dogs for 25 hours are absolutely priceless but unfortunately it takes real money to do it. But hey, its tax deductible, it’s lifesaving, its $5 Friday and every dime we earn right now will go to save CA euth listed shelter dogs.

So, who is in? I’d love to go in there and sweep out another shelter, but I need funding to do so. It’s only money, money that you might use for a fancy dinner tonight or a simple cup of coffee this morning, I’ll save a ton of lives with it, if you will give it up this time. Thank you for your consideration! Now let’s go to CA and rescue some dogs from Apple Valley.

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