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Check out our video!

Are you thinking about donating to H3 this Giving Tuesday and maybe want to see a little more of the inside? I made this little movie back in 2022 when the mission to build a clinic first started.

We have come along way and ready to take the next step to turn this dream into a reality.

If you have some time, check out my video and guys, if you can’t donate tomorrow, you CAN do something huge and free and so easy, subscribe to my YouTube channel and play the video. I need watch hours to get monitized on YouTube. So many ways you can support the huskies and that’s a easy and free one

I hope you enjoy the video! More views and interest in videos like this means I can make more but more important I can show you the work we are doing not just expect you to believe me.

Check it out Tomorrow is Giving Tuesday and I NEED your support to raise $75000 for spay and neuter equipment. Together, till they all have homes. #spayandneuter #GivingTuesdaycampaign #huskyrescue

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