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Can You Commit to the Huskies?

The huskies want to know if you will commit to them, so they can continue to have all these great things and share it with future friends!

$10 a month is all it takes from 7,794 of you to be exact to commit to the huskies. It allows us to rescue freely and keep providing the absolute best care to those with us and those to come!

If you sign up today, you’ll get your name entered into a surprise waffle. $10 or more gets you a chance to win. If you’ve already signed up don’t worry your name is already in the hat!

Let’s make a huge dent in that number, it’s dropping at a slow rate so let’s speed it up. If you sign up right now, today only you get your name entered in x2!

So, can you commit to helping us save lives?

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