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Camp Husky aka boarding

Hey everyone! Big news! I am ready to formally book into Camp Husky. That means that I can board your big dogs while you are on vacay, or work stuff or for whatever reason. We have the space to give them a dorm room in the big doggy dorm and also their own yard if needed so they don't have to be a husky, just cannot be small enough to squeeze through my fence bars.

If you have huskies and want me to throw them into the pack and socialize, I can do that too.

A few weeks ago I boarded a family of 4, 3 of which were huskies. I gave them a dorm room sleep in at night together and during the day they got their own yard. I threw a few halfway huskies in their for some added social skills.

Anyway, just wanted you to know that this is available!

Book on my website, sign agreement and even pay the boarding fees, all with a few clicks. I would love to have your kids here and hang out with them!

I am charging $30 per night per dog but if you are a halfway husky you get a 50% discount.

I can also help provide transport from anywhere in the country if you are up for handling the transport costs. So, say you have an emergency and are 15 hours away from me, I can send Rob with the van if you can cover the costs. I am here if you need me.

I'll also be offering behavior boarding and be able to help with some of the issues you guys contact me about.

Who is in? I cannot wait to meet you and have your pack apart of mine. ~Jenni D HBIC

Book your spot here 👇

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Cara Shields
Cara Shields

How exciting!!!

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