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‼️ California Rescue In Effect ‼️

California rescue in effect! I just tagged 12 from California shelters that wouldn’t have seen next week and well, I need your help.

And Woot!! We have 2 offers to match donations. One for 1000 and one for 500! Can you help me raise at least 1500? We get 3k!!!

This is big thing number 3 for me and I feel like I did the first time I jumped into the rescue ocean full of sharks so I could learn to save them faster.

My first was a puppy farm taking in 85 huskies all at once. All unaltered, 5 mamas with litters, females in heat, the whole crazy mess.

And because I thrive on chaos I did it again with a disgusting NM puppy and mama slave farm. That was 55.

Now it’s California. Next week it’s 12. While that number is low it’s actually the biggest of them all. Bethany and I have partnered up to come up with a solution. THE solution. What? sound like a fairy tale? Well you all know damn well I make dreams come true for these huskies and I won’t stop till we get to the bottom of the issue, till they all have homes.

Bethany and I are on a true mission. We really want to create a nationwide solution to the nationwide problem but we are just two woman. We need thousands of hands and millions of dollars.

Impossible, right? WRONG

It starts with us, with our four hands and our voices, along with my amazing team, raising awareness and fundraising as much as possible to make this happen.

It will cost 15k minimum to rescue these kids from California and that’s if we can get them vetted and adopted in a decent amount of time.

WE NEED YOUR HELP. We cannot wait for it to fall from the sky. We cannot wait for someone else to step up. it’s us. We are stepping up and we cannot do it alone.

Bethany’s law firm, Cooly LLP, has chosen H3 as one of the 4 nonprofits they support serving the Bay Area with their Cooly Cares Program and we couldn’t be more honored and will be pulling 8 huskies out of the firms area shelters in their honor in exactly one week. That’s 8 euth listed huskies getting out of a Bay Area shelters. Thank you Cooly, let’s save some huskies!!!

But we are not done!! We cannot ignore SoCal so we are also pulling 4 euth listed huskies from a SoCal shelter.

We are going to take these kids back to the rescue and get them ready and adopted so we can come back to California and do it again. And again. And everytime we come we build and grow our plan until we figure it out. But for now we are starting in our own back yards. California and Oklahoma. But don’t worry, it won’t take long. We will figure out the rest. But again, we really need your help.

I know we did a lot of fundraising last week through Bethany’s birthday and that was done to get H3 in a physical state so it can rescue the masses. In the meantime, we work on improving our processes and gaining good old fashioned experience along the way.

Would you like to be apart of this incredible story? Please reach out if you can sponsor in a big way.

Can you donate a few dollars? As I said, it will cost 15k minimum to rescue, rehab and rehome the 12 I just tagged from California. (That first puppy mill cost $80k btw.) Donating to this post is safe! FB gives us every dime. But we get the money now if you PayPal or venmo our charity accts

If not, can you like, comment and share the post so we can raise more awareness to our mission? We have to do this together, till they ALL have homes.

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