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California Cuties

Well, hello there, California cuties from Avenal and VVAPL, on their way to H3 to get their lives back. I cannot wait to meet you!! I had to go and take a pregnant Mama to Britney up in MD but dont worry, Melissa is there to greet you and guess what!? you will also get to meet about 30 others from your hood and two more that Rob is picking up from Riverside shelters as we speak!!

Wow!!! What is that.. like 45 or so euth listed huskies pulled out of California by H3 since March. .

Too bad California wasn’t so expensive, I would just build another H3 there!!!

Wait… does anyone want to build an H3 with me somewhere close enough to CA save all those huskies??

Cause that possible you, know. We can save them all. Bet.

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