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Updated: Oct 9, 2022

Seriously, that’s him. See how strong he is?

A few months ago Benny started a new journey, a journey of discovering himself and discovering what life should be like. His fur and skin started healing and meat and muscle started growing on his bones, but not before 4 years of abuse and neglect went by, tied to the same tree literally being eaten alive by bugs. his skin cracked and bled and kept him away from the pack so they wouldn’t hurt him more once we brought him here. Over his time here he has watched the others from his kennel, interacted with a few of the huskies and has started to learn what it is like to be a dog.

It was just a few short months ago it costed me $100 to walk onto his property and take his emaciated, furless sick little body, put him in my car and drive him away from the hell that was the last 4 years.

No more. Today is a new milestone for Benny as he is released into the pack. Today he gets to learn how to be a husky.

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