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Baby Torri

Jenni’s heart dog and truthfully loved by us all here at H3. She is the present and future of the rescue. She is the reminder of the good, bad, evil and hope.

We are all here for the same reason, we see what Jenni is doing for the husky rescue world. She has made a huge difference and impact, we don’t listen to what she says she’s gonna do because she just does it. Rescue first ask questions later. Does it have struggles? Yes, this is rescue, a nonprofit organization.

It’s time to start planning for the future, it’s time to solidify what it can look like. We all know Jenni does what she says she gonna do and or she just does it. So, let’s give her the support she needs to make everything a reality.

Yesterday I mentioned we need 9,250 of our supporters/ followed to sign up for monthly support. Well today I did the numbers. We need 8,785 to sign up for $10 monthly support.

So, I ask, do you have $10 on it? Let’s make the future bigger and brighter together.

~PHBIC Britney~

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