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Accurate description of our current stats down to the “WTF” look on my face. I’m not scared. nope, not me, cause I got you guys. JUST THIS YEAR H3 has rescued 115 huskies. FORTY ONE OF THEM IN CA. 41. I am drowning!!! So, let’s fix this?? What do we do? Because there is a husky at OKC that has one hour and 55 minutes to get a tag. It averages about $1000 per dog from rescue to home IF nothing goes wrong. I want to rescue this boy at OKC today. I want to save them all!! I now need another building and more hands here, more full time employees, more volunteers. We need money if I am going to pull them. THERE ARE 160 huskies HERE right now. It’s time to adopt, (adoption and transport fees waived with monthly support) It’s time to build more space for them and it’s time hire more people. Please help! Many ways you can do that. -Being here is free but it’s super important you have hit that follow button on FB. -buy our merch and participate in our raffles. We have a whole online store of super cute stuff, and those raffles are keeping us rolling. -adopt, foster and support. A husky in a home means another husky gets out of a cage. -donate. If I don’t keep donations coming in, my program cannot remain the way it is. Spread the word. H3 has the land, the space, the business skills and the drive to take on 300 more. But I need money. It cost 35 THOUSAND DOLLARS every single MONTH to run this place. Think about that… 35k of begging I have to do every month to care for this many and it will double if we build another building… and I am seriously considering doing along with the vet clinic. Money guys. Big money. Big tax-deductible money. It’s what’s needed to save them all. I wish it were different. But it isn’t. Out of the 115 huskies I saved this year 75 of them were e-listed. That means that each one came down to minutes before being euthanized in a shelter for space. Donors, investors, rescue angels who have money but don't have time to rescue, we want to save them all we need money!! Please spread the word to those you know that can help us. You know I will do what I say I will. You know I will work to save them all. Let’s finish this vet clinic and let's build them another house! Otherwise, they end up like the guy at OKC waiting for someone to send that message saying they will save his life. Help me do that. Help me. I cannot just keep taking all of them without help.

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