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A Message from Jenni Dietsch

The person who gets out of bed every day to save husky lives and the person who sacrificed everything to start Husky Halfway House and grow it where it is today. LOOK AT THIS PICTURE. THAT IS NOT ME. THIS WOMAN IN THE PICTURE IS RAISING MONEY FOR MY WORK. SHE WAS NO RIGHT TO ASSOCIATE ME WITH HER DOG SWAP. MELISSA BACELER. DO NOT ASSOCIATE ME WITH YOUR DISGUSTING DOG SWAP. YOU CLAIM YOU RESCUED THESE DOGS THEN PROVE IT. Receipts for the rescue, transport, vetting and where are those huskies now? In the comments so everyone can see your prooof. Or make your own post, I don’t care. You claimed to have rescued these dogs then f’ing prove it right here and right now. MY HUSKIES. MY RESCUE. I pulled these two, BELLA AND SCOUT, off the euthanasia list for Stockton along with 6 other huskies in the same van. I SAVED 8 huskies that day. NOT HER OR THE TRANSPORT COMPANY. ME. THIS PERSON THAT I DONT KNOW DID NOTHING TO HELP ME RESCUE AND WAS NOT AUTHORIZED TO FUNDRAISE ON WITH MY WORK. I RESCUED THESE DOG IN STOCKTON SO THEY COULD LIVE. I paid in full for a transport company to bring them to my rescue in Oklahoma and THIS RESCUE HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH MY WORK. I don’t know this person and MOST CERTAINLY DIDN’T GIVE HER PERMISSION TO RAISE MONEY WITH MY WORK AND KEEP IT FOR HERSELF. SOMEONE needs to help me stop this woman and put a stop to her stealing from rescues. I NEED HELP with this and I will post her lies every single day until it stops, OR I WILL WALK AWAY FROM H3 and NO LONGER RESCUE. Huskies are dying because I can’t raise enough money to save them and this woman is the reason why. So why rescue? Rescue is a scam. Rescues are a scam. And THIS WOMAN FORCES MY WORK INTO HER SCAM. UNACCEPTABLE AND I WILL NOT ALLOW IT. Today I should be focusing on the 10k match that will help me save lives and all I want to do is tell the rescue world to kiss my ass. IM DONE. I am so freaking done. I WILL BE HAPPY TO STEP ASIDE AND LET SOMEONE ELSE RUN H3. I refuse to sacrifice everything so someone else can steal my work. I CANNOT WAKE UP EVERY MORNING WITH THIS WOMAN OUT THERE USING MY WORK TO RUN HER DOG SWAP. I TRIED. I AM DONE. Yesterday I saved another 14 lives from CA. It will be the last until this woman is stopped. Again, I will be happy to step aside and let someone else take the abuse. To my team, to Bethany, to everyone that has believed in me to get this far. I am sorry but I can only take so much abuse. I want my life back, I want my family back, I want to spend time being a mom. Why the hell should I spend everyday being abused in rescue. DONE. Maybe a machine can run this place and keep it going. Maybe someone with no heart, Soul or feelings cause that’s the only way that rescue can’t hurt you. RESCUE IS DONE FOR ME WHEN THE REALIZATION IS THERE THAT ITS THE RESCUES THAT ARE KILLING THE DOGS. I CANNOT FIGHT A WORLD OF ANIMAL ABUSERS AND ABUSERS CLAIMING TO BE RESCUES. I WONT. I’m sorry. You can bash me for quitting, you can call me a loser. You can call Me out for throwing it all away and guess what, it won’t hurt nearly as much as what this woman is doing. 9-5 job with health insurance and a life with my kids. That sounds much better and there is no reason why I can’t have that. Good job Melissa BACELER, you just killed thousands and thousands of huskies.

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