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2 Days Old, with No Momma 😔💔

We haz puppies...

Puppies with no mama. Puppies only 2 days old.

Guys, you know it’s dangerous for puppies here. I have a few adults coughing, there are husky germs everywhere and let’s not forget the 195 adults that would love to use these babes as chew toys. They need round the clock care and a bottle every 3 hours. I NEED someone to help me here and Britney already has enough to deal with Mama Annie.

So, Melissa and I loaded up the van with puppies, 3 dogs that were pending adoption and made plans to pick up two of our dogs being returned and we are on the road headed towards West Virginia where these babes will get the absolute best care by a foster trusted by KEY Animal Hospital - Karl E. Yurko DVM.

We need puppy supplies and we need them sent to our foster. Can you help? Here is the link if you can. We do appreciate you.

We also need a little help with the trip, and I am hoping you will skip the extra drink tonight and throw it at us so we can drive all night with bottle fed babies to their foster.

Pretty husky puppy please? Our Venmo and PayPal is Buying a waffle will help too. Here is the link.

Thank you so, so much for your consideration. Losing my Mama Torri was the hardest thing to wake up to today and I really, really wanted to just quit… but meeting her tiny little legacies just makes me want to fight harder instead.

If you can help, that rescue ride is happening now. We need you now.

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