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12 New Kids in Quarantine

12 new kids. 12!! All under quarantine together, since they came from the same shelter, rode in the same van and have all been vaccinated. No nose to nose touching with the main pack for now and the very reason I was pushing so hard to get concrete done along with a quarantine room. We did it!! Thank you so much for your help!!

If you don’t know what the heck I am talking about..

Just before the outbreak a request was put in to bring a van load of huskies to H3 from a shelter in Stockton, CA. So they pulled a bunch of huskies out of the shelter, 12 actually, and put them in foster until transport day. In the meantime we catch a deadly virus and go on lockdown.

So now we choose. So these 12 get lost like the others when they run out of space at a shelter? Or do we take the chance here, sanitize everything times 3 and set them up a quarantine area. So that’s what we did.

Today they arrived. Pretty sure I shocked the crap out of their drivers when I introduced them all to each other and had them all socializing together within the hour.

They are stuck with each other for the next two weeks and there was no way I was crating them. It’s a good thing they are good boys and girls are are getting along just great. I am going to tell you more about it in the comments.

H3 is still on lockdown. No one out till the end of May.

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Unknown member
Apr 17, 2023

The black and white one with closed eyes is a cutie. You got some pretty ones.


That Chiefy mini me 🥰🥰🥰

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