Project update - 4/17/2020

Project Husky Houses

March 4-2020

We don’t kennel our huskies, it stresses them out and they don't like it.  BUT, there are times during the day it is needed so instead of building a big box of cages we decided to build them a house. A house where a volunteer can come and hang out comfortably and treat them as if they had their own house and family. The kennels are there for eating times and for housing a husky or other dog in quarantine if necessary and a safe place for them to sleep if they choose to sleep there.

Each house will hold up to 8 huskies and we want to build 5.

Each house will have its own play yard where the huskies can play to their hearts content instead of being stuck in a kennel all day and night. Free range shelter. Why not? We want to prepare them for their future forever families. Not stress them out by locking them up. 


The first of 5 houses is now under construction at a warehouse in PA and will be delivered in about 5 weeks. The structure from start to finish will cost about $32,000. We need 5 of these to run at a scale that would allow us to truly make an impact on the homeless and abused husky situation, for a total of $160,000.

We have committed $25,000 to the first Husky House and we need $7000 more upon delivery, 5 weeks from now.

Please help us help more huskies. Please share these links and our story to anyone that loves huskies and would be willing to contribute any amount towards helping us reach our goal.

Reaching our $7000 goal means, less huskies in shelters, less huskies living on chains and ropes, more educated dog owners, community service opportunities, community involvement, more adoptions and a beginning to the next phase of the mission.

We are looking for a business that would like to do a trade. We need the prep work done for the concrete pad for our shelter, 12x24, and in exchange we can make your crew t-shirts, hoodies and/or safety jackets, whatever you need for the same monetary value as your services so everyone wins. We have an onsite design shop that specializes in business branding so we would make the apparel ourselves. 

                                  Please contact if interested. 

If you would like to hear more about the next phase of our mission please click the link below. Our mission includes looking for our people. We are looking for a business partner and a rescue partner. Read more here..

Please help us build faster by donating, volunteering, sponsoring and sharing our efforts so we can begin our journey of building a community facility that will allow us to 

~keep our pets healthy, 

~build community and business relationships, 

~provide support for our neighbors, 

~provide community service opportunities, 

~hold community and educational events 

~provide volunteer opportunities

~jobs, we can provide jobs

~and so much more... 

all focused on improving the welfare of our communities pets, 

their people, our cities homeless animal population 

and the people who are their voice. 


Donating below gets you an instant receipt with our tax id.

Your donation is tax deductible. 

Husky Halfway House


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