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Our newest program: Eufaula Animal Welfare is currently in development. We are in introductory phases of opening a fully operational animal shelter on Husky Halfway House property to serve stray dogs of all breeds in the city of Eufaula.


When we aren't at home base in Eufaula taking care of huskies, driving around the country taking dogs to their forever homes, or rescuing at-risk huskies from dangerous situations, we're hard at work on other programs to better the lives of humans and dogs both near and far. Our mission statement is clear: rescue huskies, educate the public, promote spay/neuter efforts, and put a dent in the homeless animal population. We are also passionate about mental health - the post-COVID world of animal rescue has become increasingly difficult, and we are here to support our fellow rescues.

Check out our brand new programs below to learn more about our expanding rescue efforts.