You are here.. now what?

You pull into H3 and your eyes widen. 👀

You had heard about this place but it's nothing compared to actually experiencing it. 🙀

Recently I posted a video of this kid arriving at H3 and it reached over 10k views. That's huge guys. Huge. Getting that many views and subscribers on YouTube will help me care for these dogs. I am not kidding!

EVERYONE well, almost everyone has a YouTube acct and it takes just 2 seconds to..

click this link

👉 👈

and hit subscribe👊

Subscribing doesn't meant that you will be bombarded with my videos, it means YouTube tells us that you are interested and sends that message to others by bumping our videos in front of more eyes.

Algorithms are what that's called. Algorithms feed the dogs. As crazy as it sounds, it's truth. The more people that see our work means more people will see our work. It could be a friend of a friend of a friend that's sees it and realizes what they have been missing in their life, so be a friend to the huskies and please subscribe. We only have 277. If we reach 10k bigger things will begin to happen. 🙏.

Dooo it. 🙏. Click, click, that's it. Doing so just might cause a husky to get adopted.

This is just a small clip of the video in the link. Watch me separate the pack and clear the transition yard for Z Man's first sniffs. You might even see a fight break out about who gets to meet him first.

That's right. I don't quarantine unless they are sick and they fight. 👊


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