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Who Wants to add to Their Pack?

I NEED FAMILIES. Just putting that out there.

We are having the greatest of greatest adventures. We truly are. A few pondering thoughts as I clip away the miles off of highway 40.

It takes 3 hours to walk 16 dogs in rain, ice and snow. Sounds amazing doesn’t it?

Puppy poop and cedar is not a smell I want to brand, nope, but I am sure getting used to it.

I am really grateful for Love's Travel Stops dog parks and a safe place to park the van overnight. Very grateful.

Where will I put the 22 huskies when I get back to the rescue??

I am having ONE adoption chat. ONE.

What do I have to do to get families for these kids? What do we need because what we are doing is not enough.

I wish just pulling them out of the shelter meant they are rescued. They are not rescued until they are in a home.

So what do I have to do?

Is it money? Money is the easy part.

It’s families and monthly support that needs to happen.

So maybe we try something different.

How about this… Do you want to adopt but cannot manage an adoption fee or even transport but you KNOW that you CAN provide a home, a safe one, and you have other huskies and experience being a pack leader?

Let’s give it a try. Here is how.

1. Fill out an application

2. Respond to the group message you will receive from Britney and I and don’t wait for us to keep you message bumped. I dont chase potential adopters. Show me you want my husky, bug me with a million pics and questions. That puts you at the top of my list of favorite families.

3. Give your vet permission to let us call and make sure your current pets are properly cared for.

4. Be prepared to let me know that you understand that you cannot contain your husky and will need to change your lifestyle to do so. If you tell me that you plan on off leash training our husky then please do not apply.

5. Understand that we are adopting you vs you adopting my husky and can under no circumstances rehome or give away my husky and get it when I say if my husky ends up in shelter because of you not communicating with me then I will be needing bail money.

6. Communicate, use me as support and in exchange, help support the rescue monthly with a $25 donation. Every month.

That’s it. It’s not asking much to save a life and anyway, It’s not such a bad thing to be stuck with H3 for life.

I wish I could be sweeter about it. But truly, if it isn’t this way then we are not on the same mission.

So let’s save some huskies. Apply now.

How many huskies have died in shelters since I started this post? We can stop that.

Who is with me?

Truly an adventure.

I know that I owe you a raffle ticket draw for Easter baskets. I promise I won’t let you down on that, just need to deal with the huskies I just rescued .

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