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Well the smiles are gone now.

This girl was supposed to be off to her forever home, in-fact she made it right outside the door, but that door never opened. I am so heartbroken and angry for my girl, this is supposed to be the most happiest time and yet it seems like no one cares but us.

So let me tell you her story, Cynthia was originally rescued by KEY Animal Hospital - Karl E. Yurko DVM they asked us to take her when I went to pick up our legacy puppies. She’s been with me for two months now getting all of the house skills. She’s a great dog, just very high energy. I’ve been chatting with her new dad for quite some time, but we didn’t have any transports out yet so we were waiting on timing.

Just so happened we had a transport going out, Mike drove all the way to me in MD to pick everyone up. Cynthia had to go on a journey before she could make it home. So she’s been traveling around the country the past few days and finally two hours to go she’s going to make it home…. She finally pulls up and no one was home to welcome her. Her dad wasn’t home, he went to work and couldn’t leave and no one else could welcome her home… her dad said “I can cover partial gas and could even arrange to come pick her up half way this weekend”

Unfortunately that’s not possible for a lot of reasons. So now she has to travel all around the country and go all the way to the rescue, a place she’s never been before and still continue to be halfway home.

I am so upset and I’m so angry, so many hits with trying to get dogs adopted. People putting in applications and never responding to us, people dragging our dogs around the country and turning them away. People putting in applications only to back out a week later the list goes on!!!

When will people care? When will people open their homes to a homeless animal? When will people realize everyday dogs are dying when our dogs aren’t going into homes? When will people stop wasting our time and taking advantage of us and our dogs?

It’s so defeating trying to get these guys into homes and no one cares. No one cares about what this does to the dogs, the money, time and resources wasted.

When will humans start to care….

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7 comentarios

As horrible as this situation is - at least you learned that somehow this beautiful dog is not the priority it should be to this person! This breed is a gift to the right person and for now she has H3 in her corner. I know someone will see her and say she is perfect for me. Believe me - I used to think I only wanted a single cat… I now live with two huskies and a cat (wishing I had more room and funds to add huskies… maybe I will auction my husband…. Nah…,)

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This baby made me become a donator, she is stunning and deserves the best life thank you for what you do and ensuring they go to good homes.

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This is unforgivable, I’m so sorry h3 you have enough to deal with, this should be the happy ending that every one of those puppers deserves, instead another piece of human garbage let’s them down, hoping karma delivers

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That is horrible, people totally suck and are so damn heartless 💔 😔 and don't care what this does to the poor baby and H3!!! Pissed off bigtime!!

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