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Welcome Devore Huskies to H3

Yay we made it home!

My favorite, absolute favorite part of rescuing shelter dogs is the diarrhea they all have in the crates. You know the screaming nonstop is pretty awesome too but bringing the shelter crud on a 30-hour road trip. Priceless.

All 13 of these kids will hang together here in quarantine for a couple of weeks until we knock out all the parasites and that cough. Miss Addie is in heat so has to stay a little more contained than the others but they all enjoyed their first treat here at H3.

Let’s all say hi to Sailor, Richard, Sonny, Spot, Addie, Azul, Josephina, Sansa, Merryweather, Princess, Inessa, Precious and Gracee, 13 of the 26 lives that were saved from the Devore shelter in CA.

Let’s make some adoptions happen guys! Spread the word that we have over 150 adoptable huskies. as soon as we find homes, we can do it again.

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