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We Need Harnesses!


We are out of harnesses if there is an opportunity to help a husky with a harness, will you please!??

Our favorites are Max and Neo and when you buy one, Max and Neo gives another one to a rescue. In fact, we are getting a donation box soon that will be full of martingale collars and leashes soon. Max and Neo is an amazing company with a huge heart for rescue.

Here is the link to their store and the harness we need.

Can you help??

Our address is Husky Halfway House 121130 S 4180 Rd, Eufaula OK 74432

If you are considering donating a harness, you rock!!! and I want you to have a waffle ticket for all that husky cute stuff. Link coming for the ticket. Just use code Raffle$5 to get the ticket free.

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