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We Did It!

Look at this amazing dog. This is Lucifer. He is a wolf, GSD and mal mix and he is amazing, as amazing as you guys helping me get to that 15k match goal. . Seriously amazing. We cannot thank you enough. This is enough money to do a ton of the remodel we need done as well as to start buying equipment for the clinic. We already have the contractors ready and just waiting for them to come in and do the work. In the meantime, we will work on licensing and building the business properly while we search for a full time vet or two.

Speaking of. If there is a vet out there that wants a turn key clinic operation complete with supporting staff and nonstop clientele, reach out. We got what you need and you have what we need. Let’s save lives together! Once again, thank you all for your continued support. Together, we ARE doing this, till they all have homes. #huskyrescue #huskyhalfwayhouse

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