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‼️ We are under QUARANTINE ‼️

PSA H3 is on lockdown. K9 FLU OUTBREAK


A few weeks ago I reached down into the depths of hell and pulled out 3 innocent souls. 3 souls who may not have seen the sun rise again. But the evils in hell laid there in wait, wanting revenge for something, something I wasn’t careful about, something I am unaware of, something that I did that created an imbalance between MY good and evil, and hitched a ride to all my innocents. Hells revenge was great. First he started with Koda. Convincing his soul that it was time for him to go. Koda didn’t want to listen and pleaded with me to help pull him back up. Pleaded with me with his eyes, a look that will remain with me forever. I screamed and cried and begged him to grab my hand, I put my lips on his muzzle and gave him my air. But Hell wasn’t letting go. I made one final attempt and put my hand on his heart to move it for him but I lost my grip and I felt him slip away. Hell won today, and he may win tomorrow too. He beat me. Beat me hard. He took my breathe away and I can’t get it back. And I don’t know how. RIP my innocent. I don’t expect you to forgive me for letting hell in, but I promise my revenge. It’s my turn, my turn to tip the balance between my good and evil and while Hell won this battle, he wont win the war.

H3 is currently on lockdown. No one in and no one out. Pray for us. We are not ok.

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