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We Are Hiring!

3. The number of jobs I need filled here at H3. 30. The number of huskies we saved over the last week. 130. The number the number of huskies here roaming my grounds. 300. The number of piles of poop the huskies drop every single day. 3000. The number of husky kisses you get while cleaning up said poop. 300,000. The number of words you will speak to a husky instead of a person, every day.

It’s the dream job you have been waiting for.

Apply now. Right now, by texting the number in the picture. The jobs start immediately. The only real requirement you need to think about is whether or not we are on the same mission. If we are then you won’t even ask about the pay. The job comes with a paycheck.

To answer all the incoming questions.

Paid Jobs description. -Yard clean up. Full time. Cleaning up yards of debri and dog poop. -Thrift shop manager. Full time. -Dog handler (works with huskies to understand behavior for proper home placement. Husky ownership and experience required)

The pay is lower than average because we are a charity and still broke but that will change.

Busines opportunity available -Turn key grooming business. -Turn Key Vet Clinic partnership.

If you are interested in a future working with H3 and huskies. Text the number in the photo. Serious inquiries only please

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