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Wagmor Response

Husky Halfway House has just become aware that Wagmor Pets and Melissa Bacelar released a statement on Instagram (attached to this message) alleging that H3's posts expressing concern about their unauthorized fundraising using images of H3's rescue dogs are "vicious," "hateful," "ugly," and "untrue." Wagmor further asserts that the "truth is obvious," and has been "shown to (H3) repeatedly by all parties involved." H3 has received no such documentation, but is very encouraged that Wagmor and Ms. Bacelar are committed to providing documentation of the truth. We look forward to reviewing their documentation. To that end, we reiterate our invitation to Wagmor and Ms. Bacelar to respond promptly and publicly to the following questions. • Please provide a full and publicly-posted accounting of the funds that Wagmor raised from June 2023 to the present, including documentation showing which funds Wagmor paid out for which purposes. • Does Wagmor contend that it paid for H3’s June 2023 transportation of the huskies shown in Wagmor’s fundraising media, from Stockton, California to Eufaula, Oklahoma? If so, please publicly post documentation of your payment on H3’s behalf. (Please note that H3 has receipts and text confirmations reflecting that it paid $975 to the transporter for this transport.) • Does Wagmor contact each rescue for whose transports Wagmor is supposedly fundraising and obtain the rescue’s consent? If so, why did Wagmor not contact H3? If Wagmor does not notify the rescues for which it is fundraising, why not? • Does Wagmor identify the rescues for which it is allegedly fundraising in its fundraising videos? If so, why did Wagmor not identify H3? If Wagmor does not identify the rescues for which it is allegedly fundraising, why not? • Is Wagmor prepared to publicly post a list of each rescue for whose transports it has allegedly been fundraising? If not, why not? • Is Wagmor prepared to post a list of each dog for whose transport it has paid, identifying the dogs by ID number, shelter of origin, and rescue destination? If not, why not? (And if Wagmor claims that it cannot provide this information because it does not know precisely which dogs it is paying to transport, then how does Wagmor know that its repeated representations to its followers that their donations will go to pay for the transport of kill-listed California dogs are accurate?) If Wagmor provides responses that allow H3 to conclude that it has misunderstood the situation, H3 will swiftly provide any appropriate clarifications or corrections. We look forward to Wagmor’s anticipated response. Husky Halfway House team.

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