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Vet clinic remodel and H3 Steals and Deals update.

I am considering calling it “The Thrifty Neuter”.

Did you know that H3 is sitting on thousands of pieces of brand-new merch? All woman’s clothing and accessories. Beautiful blouses and dresses, jackets and hats.

You guys that are local surely remember the shop that was on Main Street in Eufaula called Steals and Deals? Well Steals and Deals is now H3 Steals and Deals and will be open to the public as soon as we can set up. Every item in that shop including the fixtures was 100% donated to these huskies so that means it’s pure income for them, sustainable at that.

Many rescues operate successfully with a thrift shop for income. We shall do the same.

The goal is a building for the shop but for now we will do a rolling sidewalk shop.

While we are finishing the remodel in the clinic and until I can afford another building, I’ll be using the space in the clinic to setup shop. In the meantime, I want to open it up for you to see and shop.

So, stay tuned because over the next month or so, you will see some exciting things happening here that will benefit this community. Together, till they all have homes!!

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Fabulous News! 👌 🥰😍❣️

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