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Our Little Caesars fundraiser starts now!

Help Husky Halfway House earn money for the huskies! They need more fencing to partition off additional space for them to roam. around and play.

Purchase delicious pizza kits, breadsticks and cookies that ship straight to your home. Store them ready to go in your freezer, for those busy after school days that are right around the corner. Or you can buy an awesome In-Store meal deal promo code that can be redeemed for hot pizza at your local store via their app or online. These are delivered to your email, don't expire for one year and you can share the codes with your friends and family. Just forward the email to share the gift of pizza!

Follow this link/QR Code to our online store,

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Patty Edwards
Patty Edwards

So do we need to place an order first? Then receive the code?

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