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This video tells a powerful story.

Yesterday I posted about my surprise reason to put a huge smile on my face. While

scrolling through my Californian rescue videos I came across this one that I filmed just a few days ago and well, I smiled again. This video tells a powerful story. Can you see it?

I bet it goes a little something like this.

Bree and Mason were pulled out of the shelter together, though they had not been

kenneled together, when Mike rolled up in our husky hauler to save the Devore huskies that day. Mason had spoken to all of our hearts because he resembled Whisky whom we lost a few weeks prior. For that reason, he was chosen. And because he was chosen, the other huskies in the Devore shelter were also chosen to live that day. Because Bree was unaltered, she was immediately separated from the boys upon arrival at the rescue. Time would reveal that she was in fact pregnant and spent the next few months nursing cute little golden retriever puppies she had just given birth too. This video was taken on the day that Bree was released into the pack after being spayed. The first thing she did was seek down this guy. Can you help me finish the story?

Imagine being taken away from the life you know, even if its street life and thrown into

a concrete kennel, separated from the world and likely hearing the cries of the one you left behind. Then you are whisked away to a space all alone where your body no longer belongs to you. You finally see the daylight and there he is. The one you never thought you would see again. I sure hope these two know that I see it now and that I vow to make sure they never lose sight of each other again.

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