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This isn't Happening

Recently I have learned that there is a group out there right now, who has an entire digit more of followers than I do, collecting donations from my California rescues. And what’s worse is almost every husky rescue I have heard of follows them as do many of you.

Here is how she is doing it. She developed this program that she has a disgusting name for and has disgusted me to no end that she has associated my work with it. She never uses my actual name or give me credit for my work.

Her famous organization with shit ton of followers and even a famous celebrity supporting her, offered to pay a transport company for all the dogs they are rescue transporting. It’s very sweet and innocent. “Hey, you good person doesn’t rescue transports, let me help you rescue. “ Then she takes the huge story that came with these dogs to raise money for the transport. Sounds innocent right? She offers to pay for one 1 crate for a rescue $380, then uses the work to raise funds for said transport making it sound just innocent enough that she is raising money for transport but makes all of her donors think that it’s her that rescued those dogs and her that arranged for “out of state rescues to get them” Like WHAT THE ACTUAL F?

I pull 12 dogs out of stockton and she gets to tell 200k followers that she needs that done, needs donations for it and found a rescue to take them and raises 20k plus for a 2k expense while I only raise enough to pay for half of the dogs I just rescued. Yeah this isn’t happening.

I do plan to expose this person but in a very, very big way. But for now I need to try to understand why I am even bothering to rescue, why bother saving anyone, when someone with a name like Oprah singing her praises, can swoop in on my work and take the food right out of my dogs mouth.

And you might have given her money. Money H3 needs to continue to do it.

I feel helpless guys. I literally starve myself so this organization can make ends meet and I still cant. But she can. Off my work.

I rescued 12 dogs out of Stockton. I rescued 16 dogs out of Devore and she is swimming in donations for it.

I am not going to name her yet because I am going to make her show you and everyone else exactly how much tax deductible money that she made of my work. So no matter how many times you ask I won’t be speaking the name. YET.

Yesterday I pulled 10 more huskies out of California. Please don’t give her money for it. We need it. I still haven’t covered what I need for the Stockton and Devore rescues.

I am about 15k short needed for the almost 40 dogs I have pulled out of CA since June. Unless I get what I need to continue rescuing instead of watching others steal it from us, then I will no longer rescue in any state but my own.

It’s that simple.

I NEED YOUR HELP. The money we need to save the dogs I have rescued are going into her makeup budget, pretty eyelashes and well kept nails, not the huskies food bowls.

Keep that in mind when you donate to a fraud who is claiming to rescue CA huskies.

I am the one rescuing CA huskies not her and until she is stopped or until I can cover the expenses, THE CA RESCUES STOP.

check out the video below.

This is one of the 10 I rescued yesterday. You want to give thousands and thousands to someone for this rescue, it needs to go to H3 or H3 won’t be able to continue to rescue in CA. It’s that simple. I REFUSE to sacrifice my life, my family and my time to make money for someone else.

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