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The business of saving lives

Let’s check out the spy cams in the dorm yard. 👀

Also we are going to talk about the business of saving lives now, so might bore some of you. Or hopefully interest some. 😂

Here goes

ISO someone wanting to get into the business of saving lives with me. Please see below “next phase and not yet constructed.”

anyone know a property developer or business developer wanting to build a dog park cafe? Even a small business venture would be huge right here at H3 for both of us.

Someday I want to be able to invite you all to bring a chair and a dog and have outdoor movie night with us.

There is a perfect spot right there in the middle on the other side of the camera, for a movie projection.

Don’t worry if your out of town, I am building cabins and RV spots.

Check out the list I have been working on for a community recreation and adoption center.

5 family size cabins for overnight stays, each cabin has its own fence. Super great for my out of town adopters that might want to meet and spend time with a husky and their own pack.

10 RV spots

Grooming and Boarding

Splash and sprinkler pad

His and hers restroom facility,

10k gallon aerobic septic system

Power pole

Outdoor kitchen for onsite guests

Water lines and electricity throughout the cabins.

Next phase and not yet constructed is

Bike and skate trail for the kids around here

Dog park Cafe on highway frontage

Farmers Market Huts

Food truck Island

Thrift and Gift Shop

Spay and Neuter Clinic


⚡️A massive brand new doggy dorm building worthy of showing off with daily tours,

⚡️8 structures built into cabins, 1 a breakfast nook for guests.

⚡️7 acres of land

⚡️highway frontage half mile from downtown Lake Eufaula

⚡️an established brand

⚡️half mile from largest lake in OK

⚡️half mile away from all of the lakes most happening spots including touristy shops and restaurants on the water, Yogis Park and Extreme RV and amphitheater. By far the coolest place to camp!

⚡️Thrift/Gift shop inventory ALL READY in stock.

⚡️billboard size highway signage

⚡️Onsite sign, print and design shop cutting middle

man and saving tons of money in marketing efforts.

⚡️we are surrounded by a lake! Though not lakefront.

Want to see my business plan? Serious inquiries only. I did small business in California, you can’t fool me. 😝.

You also won’t find a better more loyal business partner. For me it’s all about the huskies and that’s why I have personally given them everything listed above. All so they will thrive but I am at the point where it has gotten bigger than me and I need a mentor, who happens to be a business developer.

Again, serious inquiries only 🙏. You know who you are and you know who you are not. Wasting time, we do not have. The drive and grit to make H3 everything I said it would be, above, that I have. That I can do, at low risk to you but doing this with me will cost money. about as much as I have out into it personally, me, Jenni D. I am not asking for your money, only offering the other half you need to build your dream.

Reach out! Huskies die daily! We can end that with sustainable income sources that would allow H3 to grow into enough efficiency to rescue, rehab and rehome continuously.

I am waiting for you!!

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