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Thank You

To the 3 families that walked into Apple Valley Animal shelter and adopted 3 of the dogs I had tagged for pickup. I don't know who you are, but I want you to know that 6 more lives were saved today, because of you. Thank you.

To the families that have adopted my huskies recently and to those who will traveling across the country this weekend to adopt a few more, because of you I was able to save 7 additional lives today. Thank you.

To my Halfway Husky in Heaven, Whisky,

You came back to us today. I am so happy that you are here. I just know that you are having the best time up there with everyone else, no pain, no memories of being dumped in a shelter, none of that. I will smile every time I see your name on that plaque, every day.

Melissa, Mike, Annabelle and I wanted to do something in your honor, so we went into the Devore shelter today and saves every husky in there, every one of them!!! and guess what!! There is a guy in there that looks just like you!! His name is Mason. You will meet him and all the others someday, but in the meantime, don't worry, I will tell them all about you.

Do me a huge favor and hug everyone for me. Tell them all to touch those little pieces of my heart that they have so that we can all be together, just for one moment while we celebrate saving 16 more huskies today from euthanasia lists. Tell them all that I love them and that I will see them again, one day, over the rainbow bridge.

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Bellisima Benelli
Bellisima Benelli
Oct 04, 2023

Awwww beautiful news and tribute to Whisky the beautiful baby we will never forget ❤️ 🙏❤️


Weirdly something gets in my eye every time I read these Whisky posts...🥹

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