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Tesla Mule 1 for sale to benefit Project Bark Park

Updated: Nov 6, 2019

2002 Lotus Elise AKA Tesla Mule 1

FOR SALE- 2002 Lotus Elise AKA Tesla Mule 1. The very first Tesla. The very Lotus Elise chassis that Tesla bought from Lotus to build and test their battery for the Tesla Roadster. This Elise is also one of the first spec Elise's Lotus brought to the country to show off to prospective buyers.

This chassis is for sale and we all get to benefit from it. Husky Halfway House Foundation gets to build a community dog park and low cost vet clinic and the buyer gets a tax deduction. See end of article for information on how to connect with the seller of this unique piece of history.

Here is a little more info about the car

Tesla Mule 1 is for sale. Homelessness, lack of resources, education, exercise and vetting. These are problems worth solving and this is our means to do it.

Early Tesla crew

Husky Halfway House Foundation is in search of someone who is interested in this unique piece of history. 1/3 of the sale of this piece is a direct cash donation to Husky Halfway House Foundation to be put aside for the buildout of our community dog park and vet clinic. That amount comes with a tax deduction from our 501c3 organization. The rest will go to develop the land and build structures needed for sheltering and vetting homeless animals.

Please help us reach our goal. Contact to have a discussion about the sale. Serious buyers only. Sellers are open to a straight sale or a business deal, investment etc. Whatever it takes to help us reach our goal.

Please share this article. The only way we find the person right for this piece is to spread the word.

Please consider donating to our efforts. We are a 501c3 organization which means your donation is tax deductible. Here is our GoFundMe link with additional information on Project Bark Park and our exact plans for the money.

You can also make a donation directly to our paypal acct and we will send you a receipt. Our nonprofit tax id is 83-4358296. Paypal


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