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Sold the Lotus, I mean Tesla

I really wish I was here to tell you I found someone who had given me a million dollars for that unique piece of history... but that would have made things too easy... and heck, what's there to appreciate if it comes so easy!?

Yes it would have been great to just jump right in and build everything all at once but I am going to step back a little bit and consider this a blessing, a reason for us to grow organically and according to our needs. It is going to take me a few extra years so bare with me and if you can... HELP!


Please join me on December 14th at Husky Halfway House to celebrate this new beginning, help us fundraise and also celebrate our birthday!! We are raffling off the coolest kids ride-on Lotus car and are asking for rocks, that's right, rocks. The huskies would like for you to participate in a gift and raffle tickets exchange by bringing the heaviest rocks from your yards that you can carry. We also need flat ones that we can line our fence with. In exchange the huskies have a gift for you and will enter you in their raffle. See the events page for more details.

If you don't know what the heck I am talking you can read the whole story on our website and blog. If you get bored easy then here are the bullet points.

10 years ago when Tesla was still broke, my husband and I bought their prototype, the Tesla Mule 1. You can read all about it here at

11 months ago I came here alone with my two kids, 3 huskies, a big fat dream, a business plan for said big fat dream, a fresh mortgage and agreement for a 7 acre piece of property with highway frontage and a few assets to live off of while I try to build the big fat dream.

For the past 9 months I have been working hard to setup and register a 501c3 nonprofit organization with a goal of providing shelter, vetting, transportation and community facilities for homeless dogs and pet owners everywhere, but most importantly, as a low to no cost option for the people in our surrounding communities.

Two months ago I started running out of assets and went hardcore sales mode on selling the Tesla Mule 1, my most valuable asset mentioned above. My ultimate goal was to find someone who would appreciate my dream and the fact that it would come with a tax deduction. Reality was always there in my mind, but hey, a girl can dream right? In the end reality was realized at what I figured it would sell for. It did get super exciting and I met the coolest people along the way. An interested gentlemen in the Netherlands who would have paid double what I figured I would get and another gentlemen in Canada who gave me an excellent deal but couldn't import into his country. In the end, the gentlemen who bought it shares the same views as I do and appreciates it's history and it's value as it is and it's benefits to my nonprofit.

I am proud to announce that as of yesterday we officially sold the Tesla Mule 1 and in doing so we deposited $50,000 into our nonprofit bank account to go to the big fat dream while the rest goes into a down payment to make the big fat dream go a little quicker as well as cover the current medical expenses, transportation needs and food for all of the pups in our care.

SO what is the big fat dream you ask? Well, On highway 9 right across the street from the Mcintosh Fairgrounds in Eufaula, OK, we will to build an off leash dog park. Further onto the property we will build an animal shelter to house at least 30. We will also build an emergency vet clinic in which we will provide low to no cost veterinary care for our intakes and for the people in our community. The biggest part of the dream is a coffee shop and pizza spot hangout for the teens, a playground for the kiddos and a sport bar the grownups. All with the intention of providing an income to pay for said big fat dream. Oh and jobs, we can provide jobs.

50K isn't much when the dream costs a few million. Remember how I said I am alone? Can you help me build this community facility?

We are 501c3 nonprofit which means tax deduction. Sponsorship and volunteer opportunities available NOW.

Here are a few ways you can help.

Are you a business that can sponsor materials, trade marketing agreements or donate tax deductible monies to pay for materials like








heating and air

Are you a student who needs an internship, school credit or real hands on experience in


graphic design



animal care

online sales



event planning

Do you need to fulfill community service hours?

There are tons of things you can spend yout ime doing here

There are so many ways you can provide a service to your community here like

landscaping services

yard and doggo doo cleanup

fence and animal pen maintenance

garbage removal

structure maintenance and cleaning

Can you volunteer?

I need puppy helpers and cuddlers

Need I say more?

Can you help fundraise?

The little bit of money we got isn't going to build it all, Can you help by donating, with FB and other social media fundraisers and by attending our fundraising events? Sharing our efforts on social media helps us reach our goal so much quicker.

Can you make a donation? The donate button on our website leads to the PayPal Giving Fund and includes our tax id number for tax deduction purposes. is our PayPal account address which deposits directly into our nonprofit bank account.

Every dime goes to the building of this community facility and it's operations. None of our Directors or Officers get paid a dime for any of the work we put into the nonprofit so you are not paying anyone's salary.

Can you help with our Amazon Charity Wish List? The list can be found by searching Amazon Charity lists and typing in Husky halfway House Foundation. This is the stuff the huskies use daily but any outlet for purchasing used or new items would help us immensely. We also encourage you to drop off donations and get in some husky cuddles while you are here.

Are you looking for a business opportunity?

Contact me at I cannot build this alone but I have a gigantic head start. Let's chat.

Lets build a dog park ya'll!!!

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