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Britney raised 25k, a little over actually, for her birthday donation to the huskies spay and neuter!! Woot! Woot!!!

Dang girl, you are the ultimate rescue partner and the greatest friend. I cannot even imagine doing this rescue thing without you. My favorite HBIC. Doesn’t judge, believes in my work enough to keep it real and jump in and help no matter how bad or good things get. The only one who hasn’t stepped aside even for one minute, isn’t a sellout, and hasn’t let anyone sway her from her mission.

Keep on saving lives girl, I am here for you, the same that you have been for me. I love you, my friend, my rescue partner, my puppy HBIC on her way to becoming an H3 HBIC. Happy 25th Birthday. #happybirthday #huskyrescuers #hbic #huskylife

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