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Selfie Saturday

Let me see your pretty face... and your humans face too.

Say hi to my wolfdog, Lucifer, who is still looking for his wolfdog savvy home.

To apply for Lucifer, you must have wolfdog experience. Experience with destructive, mouthy, massive dogs with enough wolf content to make you understand that this is not a husky or like one. He also won’t be comfortable living like one.

He doesn’t need rescue so please don’t tag rescues. He is just fine in MY rescue.

I would love to find Lucifer the perfect home and I won’t make a mistake on choosing so don’t feel bad if we shoot down your application for most reasons.

And because of that.. he may be my BFF forever.

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3 comentarios

He’s as big as you Jenni! Looks like Lucifer has chosen his BFF, 🙏🙏 for finding his forever home that’s better than where he is now 🥰

Me gusta

Looks like Lucifer has already chosen you. He looks looks so happy.

Me gusta

Lucifer! Now, who can beat a selfie with him. ❤️

Me gusta
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