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Say good morning to Mama Bree and her tiny little stowaways.

Yesterday, she said “Ha! You thought you were just rescuing one dog. MAMA BREE WILL BE THE LAST PREGANT HUSKY WE RESCUE. Unless I assist with another puppy mill case. When a rescue of 6 turns into a rescue of 30 this world has a very, very big problem. I went into a shelter to save the one life I had space for and now I am forced to find space for an additional 4 just for Mama Bree. No more! I am focusing my energy on preventing this heartache rather than dealing with it and that starts full force RIGHT NOW.

My vet is on her way to neuter 10 dogs here at H3, TODAY, right here in our future spay clinic, but we still have a long way to go to get all the renovations and all the quipement that we need. We have floor and wall repairs to do and surgery equipment to buy. Some landscaping, licensing, fencing and medical quarantine to build, lots of things need to happen to make this possible including having a vet on staff full time. And it starts with money.

10 neuters today will cost $1500 and I am working towards a 250-thousand-dollar goal to do it all and turn that 10 into thousands. Well, 225k. For starts. With that I believe we can do the easy renovations we need plus buy all the equipment. It’s a really good start.

H3 NEEDS support and in return wants to give back to a supporter.

TODAY AND TODAY ONLY. I will give a token for the 40th anniversary mustang convertible to anyone that donates $50 towards todays neuter surgeries and our future vet clinic.

Even a $10 donation is HUGE and tax deductible but if you can make it $50, I’ll give you a shot at that car. PLEASE USE THIS LINK SO I CAN KEEP TRACK OF WHO GETS A TOKEN FOR THE CAR. When leaving a note on the donation, please say “spay and neuter”.

I’ll go live later today and chat more about the clinic progress as well as answer any questions you guys might have. Not sure the time, probably as I am surrounded by dogs waking up from their surgeries. See you later and don’t forget your shot at the Mustang. #donatetoday #missionspayandneuter #huskyrescue #husky

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