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Rusty is in the Hospital

Send him your thoughts, prayers, good vibes whatever you got. He needs it. He went to the hospital last night.

The other day we rushed Rusty, who we recently pulled out of a California shelter, to ER because he wouldn’t get out of bed. Vet did minor tests and fluids and found a swollen tummy. Gave him meds to try to eat and he just started getting worse. Yesterday morning he wouldn’t get up again so we took him back.

Turns out his intestine has accordioned inside itself and he needs surgery. Intussuseption is what it’s called.

Rusty wasn't stable enough so they had him on fluids overnight and will do surgery today.

Send the good vibes please. This babe just got his life back and now he might lose it again.

Rusty made it through the night and is getting prepped for surgery. I’ll update the moment I hear

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Praying for Rusty🐾🐾🙏

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