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Ruby, Have You Seen Her?

The picture of her in the wagon was sent to us on Sept 2, when we messaged Taylor at Special needs Animal Welfare League, the rescue we transferred her to because you know, special needs, and asked for an update on our girl.

I am sure by now you have heard that a Ruby is in trouble.

I have not yet determined just how much trouble she is in. No one that has looked at the videos circulating the internet has been able to spot her and it sounds like she hasn't been seen at the shelter.

Today is Sunday. Just 3 days ago Taylor sent a text message saying that she is good and that they are working on home checks and references. See photo below.

So where is Ruby? If you see her, please please let us know, because I haven't seen her in any of the videos and I do not know if she is at the shelter.

I am in touch with the shelter, I have filled out their partner paperwork, her chip is registered to me still, thank God, and the shelter will be giving us the opportunity to take the dogs after the court decides, I have emailed the attorney, what am I missing?

What more can I do for my girl?

If you come here to tell me I shouldn't have sent her there, I'll just be blocking you. Right now, we focus on finding Ruby and I will make sure that I have learned from my own mistakes. #stopapriladdisonnow #justiceforruby

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Keep working hard for them and her, you guys are a wonderful example of what a rescue can do. Stuff happens, some people suck, If they didn't rescues wouldn't wouldn't be needed as badly as they are now. Keep fighting the good fight, we are here for you and with you

Sep 25, 2023
Replying to

Yes! All of what she said. I cry every time you bring in new kids because at first they look so frightened and then, once they get into the open area with their own kind their look is pure happiness 😊. That right there makes it all worthwhile. Jenni, thank you for what you do ❤️ and everyone else at H3.

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