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*** Reward Ahead - Please Read ***

H3 family,

Bethany here. As most of you know, this summer, H3 transferred special needs husky Ruby Roo to SNAWL, the supposed 501(c)(3) nonprofit Special Needs Animal Welfare League in Chandler, AZ, believing she was going to a highly-regarded, specialized rescue who could give her the personalized attention she deserved. Instead, to our horror, SNAWL turned out to be a fraudulent "rescue" run by an alleged criminal, April McLaughlin, now charged with 55 counts of animal cruelty--one where dogs were abused, neglected, and in many cases killed.

55 dogs were removed live from McLaughlin's home and taken to the Arizona Humane Society. We have reason to believe that Ruby is not among them. Each day is a painful struggle right now. We don't know if she is alive or dead. But if she is alive, it is our responsibility to find her and rescue her, again. Online reports state that McLaughlin was seen removing dogs from her now-condemned home in the days before her arrest. We don't know where she took them. We don't know if Ruby is among them.

But we have to do everything we can to find out. To that end, H3 donor Kelly Foss-Railsback and I are teaming up to offer a $3,000 reward for information leading to H3 regaining custody of Ruby, assuming that she is in any location other than the Arizona Humane Society.

Please share this far and wide on social media. Please search in person if you are in or near Chandler, Arizona. Ruby was a starving, neglected, traumatized street dog in Juarez, Mexico, without the use of her two back legs. The only kind moments in her life were when she was with H3. Please help us honor our commitment to protect her.

Together, until Ruby is returned (halfway) home.

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