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Rescue Ride in Progress

Do you believe in therapy? Therapy is life changing, especially when you find someone that speaks to you and speaks the truth. Their truth anyway.

I am aware that my success is driven by my own mental health and right now I am at an ultimate low. My days are being spent walking around managing such a large mass of huskies that I find myself not remembering their names.

My therapist spoke his truth when he reminded me to be real and get into the mindset that I can’t save them all and that’s what I told myself yesterday over and over and over.

Yesterday was a bad day.

Then this morning and I woke up to 185 huskies all howling at once and I was once again reminded what I was put on this earth to do.

Save them all.

If I need to “be real”, I only need to look around at whats right in front of me.

4 years ago, I stood on the deck that you see in my videos and looked out at plain empty fields. Now when I stand on the deck, I see 800 lives saved and a facility that could save 8 million more. But only if I believe in myself enough.

And I do.

How about you? Do you believe that someday we could save them all?

WE can.

Here is my plan. It’s the next step to saving them all. It’s getting up, standing on my deck, taking in everything that’s happened in the past 4 years since I started this rescue, putting one foot in front of the other, moving forward and never giving up until it’s done. Till we save them all.

I cannot do it alone. I don’t want to do it alone.

Today I will prep my van and load it with huskies that are going to a new “halfway hub”. It’s a foster home. A foster home in a snowy state where huskies get to be huskies, because I cannot do it alone, not if I want to save them all.

Tomorrow, we WILL save them all but today we will save 10.

I need help with the 10. 6 going to foster and the other 4 going to new homes. The van cost about $75 to fill up every 4/5 hours and I have about 60 hours of driving to do.

There are so many huskies here that I cannot properly care for them all, the bills are not getting paid, and we don’t even have enough money to give everyone preventions this month. So, I really, really need your help.

H3 is 501c3 and operates on tax deductible donations.

Can you spare one? A donation that is. So that these ten can go to a place where everyone knows their name and can provide for them what they need. Because right now, I cannot,

and we have to do something about it now. Right now.

Together, till they all have homes.

FYI, the photo is a page out of my children’s book that I am working on with a few of my favorite people. That’s me, that’s my van and today we are going to do just this. Rescue ride.

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