Halfway husky puppy style so I had to drag the non furry kids along 😆

Z Man, the kid we rescued off the tree is seriously just beginning. Normally I wouldn't release a pup so quick, Especially if he is not fixed or been vaccinated. But this kid hit the jackpot cause new mom and dad have their very own vet clinic and a whole pack of fur sibs to live his best life with.

Sir Nitro is on his way to live with a family that has two halfway huskies already, One is Jedha who looks just like him except for his missing ear tip, Americus Nation will meet her new mom and Rowena and Loki get to spend another week together while Rowena's family fosters him while he waits for his new mom to get back from her trip.

Join me for this epic journey as I hang with these kids for a few more hours because soon, they will all be #nolongerhalfwayhome #rescueride #huskyrescue

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