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Rescue Ride Happening Now

Ca, here we come! This is the first time I have done a rescue ride with Rob and bonus; his dog Rusty is along for the ride too. Rusty is a halfway husky that was pulled out of the mean, neglectful streets of Texas. He and Rob are soulmates.

It's nice to have time to see all the insanely uneducated comments on Lucifer’s video, and OMG the drama over my puppy, and holy crap I just saw many of your Google reviews, I swear if I ever have a bad day again, I am going straight there to be reminded of why I do this thing called rescue.

I love you guys. I love you for being on this mission with me. Even you guys that are just here to mock me and wish me to failure. I love you most. You drive me. thank you, a million times to all of you for your continued support.

Now let’s go get a bunch of huskies of death row in Apple Valley CA.

#shelterbust #rescueride #huskyrescue #roadtrip #hbic

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